Alongside our strong local staff, we rely on volunteers to bring another set of hands, fresh ideas, outside perspectives, and a new sense of fun to our programs.

We are always happy to accept volunteers from all over the world, with various levels of Spanish, experience, and availability.  Volunteering with Caras Alegres can be a rich, rewarding experience – it all depends on your expectations and what you put in to the projects – you get what you give!

Read on for a brief intro into what we’re looking for in a volunteer, browse our website to get a feel for the programs we offer, and then if it sounds interesting to you, read our Volunteer Handbook and get in touch!

These are the basic characteristics that we look for in a volunteer, but what is truly important is  your passion for the project! So if you do not meet all the criteria below, but you can see yourself making a big impact in our organization, contact us!  We would love to hear from you.

  • Age: 18 years minimum
  • Availability: 3 week minimum time commitment
  • Time: January to November
  • Qualities: We a looking for someone who is a good team member, responsible, and committed to our mission and vision – someone who can follow directions but is ready to have fun!
  • Experience: Past experience in relevant fields is preferred, but not required. Relevant work or volunteer experience may include teaching, coaching, mentoring, childcare, marketing, administration, social media, and business.
  • Spanish Level: A basic level of Spanish is required. Exceptions can be made depending on the amount of time a volunteer commits to the program.
  • Contribution: We ask for a small contribution of Q150 (20USD) per volunteer to support our programs.