Sponsor Options

Besides our Afterschool Program and the Community Lunch Room, we also offer different other sponsor opportunities. Here you would be sponsoring a specific child or family. Most of these options require a longer commitment period; however, a sponsorship like this can make a huge difference in a child’s or a family’s life; economically as well as when it comes to a child’s personal development.
Our two main focuses are education and nutrition, which are chosen on a solid basis of information gathered about the main obstacles in the Las Rosas community.  Deriving from the needs mapped during the research, we have put together a list of options that you can support. Continue reading to find out more about the different options.

Backpack Project (Mochilas)

Every January, at the start of the school year, our Backpack Project aims to provide every child who attends Caras Alegres with a backpack (mochila).  A one-off donation of USD60 (450 Quetzales) buys a child’s bag, their stationery and their textbooks. When presented, it comes with two requirement. The first one is that the child must attend our programs, thereby furthering their education, the second one is that they have to get a passing grade. Keep a child learning, donate today.

Family Food Box

Being able to feed your family is something most of us take for granted. It’s common for Guatemalan​ families to work more than one job, simply to put food on the table. Our way to alleviate some of that pressure on the parents is through the provision of food boxes. A donation of USD40 (300 Quetzales) buys a whole month of essential food supplies, for example, rice, beans, powdered milk, oil, etc. for a Las Rosas family comprising of 3 adults and 4 children. These boxes are given to families most in need, allowing what little money they have to be spent on clothing and heating. An indirect benefit is that all food is purchased locally, which in turn helps the local economy. Donors can sponsor families for a single month or up to a year.

Scholarship Project

Caras Alegres strives to award secondary school scholarships to students from the community enabling them to continue their studies. To fund these special gifts, we challenge ourselves to find up to three generous donors who are able to commit to a regular donation of USD15 (100 Quetzales) per month for 3 years. This breaks down to USD10 for school fees with the remainder used for stationery and printing. Although the year finishes in October, the payments for November and December are used for registration costs at the start of each year. We appreciate this is a unique gift and not something everyone can afford. But if you are able to change someone’s life for the better, we can promise you a photograph, a letter of thanks personally written by the student together with regular progress updates 3-4 times a year. Be that special person to make a difference.