Randi Kallestrup: Development Director

Randi Kallestrup is from Denmark, where she earned her degrees in Spanish and International Studies. Her interest in the subject of Latin American development originated initially more than five years ago during her second trip to Guatemala. Her time in Guatemala, along with her studies at the University of Aalborg in Denmark, prepared her to be a Spanish teacher teaching at various schools. What’s more, she dedicated much of her free time there to volunteering at Oxfam IBIS, focusing on sharing her knowledge of social and political subjects in Latin America with other Danes.

In 2016, she started her Masters in Development and International Relations at University of Aalborg, with a focus on Latin American Studies. Even so, after completing her classes last year, her motivation and desire to return to Guatemala and apply her knewly-acquired knowledge surpassed her desire to write her final thesis. Thus, Randi is now working at our office, dedicating herself to raising funds and donations for Caras Alegres, whose mission and vision aligns with her personal aspirations. She loves working so closely with the children of Caras Alegres, and her primary motivator is definitely the sincere joy she sees on their faces every day.