Our Community

Las Rosas, located in Zona 5 of Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala, is an impoverished neighborhood where the majority of families live at or below the poverty line. Following a violent history of labor exploitation and human rights violations in Guatemala, many families migrated from rural communities to communities close to urban centers, like Las Rosas. Here, families still struggle with a lack of economic opportunities, which are exacerbated by father absenteeism and teenage pregnancy, two prevalent issues in the community. This lack of economic opportunities also contributes to problems such as alcoholism, delinquency, and limited healthcare, among others. For example, although a number of clinics and medical institutions are located within walking distance, many residents in Las Rosas do not seek the medical attention they need because they cannot pay for medical expenses out of pocket and health insurance is uncommon. Additionally, many students do not receive enough education necessary to pull themselves and their families out of poverty, because many drop out of school before they complete middle or high school in order to contribute to the family income.

Every day we strive to support and empower the community of Las Rosas. We partner with approximately 70 to 80 families, providing basic needs and educational opportunities to families that would otherwise not have them.