As a non-profit organization, we rely 100% on the generous donations of supporters around the world, and the various fundraising efforts within Guatemala and beyond. Every dollar helps. To make a difference to the children and families of Las Rosas, Quetzaltenango?  There are several ways you can donate, we’d appreciate any help you can give.
                    * One-time or recurring general donation: It will help pay for afterschool supplies, children’s snacks and maintenance costs
                    * Project specific donation: Backpack Project, Family Food Boxes, Scholarship Project or Afterschool Project. We would be more than happy to discuss with you where your funds would be most needed.
                    * Supporting a child or family: Choose to sponsor a specific child or family, either by supporting a child in a year (or more!) of school, or providing family food boxes full of supplies – for the families and children.
Click here to donate now!  If you have any questions or other ideas for contributing to Caras Alegres, our ears are open, just let us know.  And if donating your time is a better fit for you, considering becoming a fundraiser, or coming to Guatemala to volunteer!

Bank Information




Bank Name: Banco AgroMercantil Guatemala
Beneficiary Name: Asociación Caras Alegres
Account number: 41-6000730-0
IBAN: GT40AGRO02020000004160007300
Bank Address: 7A Avenida, 7-30, Zona 9, Guatemala

The Netherlands:

Bank Name: Rabobank
Beneficiary Name: Stichting Caras Alegres
Account number: NL50RABO0366172603 EUR