Community Lunch Room

From the beginning of 2018 Caras Alegres opened up a Community Lunch Room where 50 children between the ages of 5-14 from the Las Rosas community come to eat a nutritious lunch 4 times a week; from Monday to Thursday.  This project was developed to address the extensive problems of malnutrition among the children that participate in Caras Alegres’ other activities. A needs-assessment completed in 2016 showed that around 80% of the children that come here show signs of stunted-growth, meaning that they are below the average height for their age. A tipical lunch could be rice with chicken and vegetables accompanied by a fresh fruit drink. We are thrilled to be able to provide lunch for these children, and are looking forward to monitoring the impact that these nutritious meals will have.

Besides the children, there are people from the community that benefit indirectly from this project. For example, the two contracted cooks are women from the community who both have their children attending our programs. We contribute to the local economy by purchasing the meat, tortillas and fruit at small businesses in the community and our vegetables at Xela’s biggest market.

With this project our goal is to help the parents out in terms of monthly costs; however, we do not wish to take away their parental rights and responsibilities. Therefore, the parents pay a symbolic monthly amount to cover some of the expenses, but this alone will not be enough to finance the day to day costs of the Community Lunch Room. For that reason we have opened up the opportunity to sponsor a child for this project. A monthly contribution of USD25 can make a big difference in many of our children’s wellbeing and personal development. Most of the contribution will be spent on purchasing fresh vegetables, fruits and meat every week.

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This project is made possible by Harbourton Foundation.