Allan Ortiz: Executive Director

Allan Ortiz first received an Expert Accountant degree from Dr. Rodolfo Robles School. He worked for a time in a home for abandoned children where he worked with children with disabilities and saw first hand the complex social problems that many Guatemalans face. He subsequently decided to dedicate his work to addressing social issues, and he went on to obtain an additional degree in Psychology from the Universidad de San Carlos. While working towards his degree, he volunteered at Caras Alegres and was inspired by the mission and work being done at the organization.

In 2013, Allan became the first Guatemalan Director of Psychology, Education and Administration at Caras Alegres. He has since poured himself into his work at Caras Alegres where, as a trained psychologist, he plays a crucial role in supporting the children in the program both educationally and emotionally.

Many of the children in Las Rosas are victims of the vicious cycles of poverty and violence, and Allan brings important expertise and perspective to the challenge of addressing their myriad needs. The majority of children at Caras Alegres have attended the program since they were very young. Allan works to ensure that Caras Alegres is a second home and a second family to the children of Las Rosas.